Chest Freezer Glass Door - Supermarket Island End Cabinet with Low-E Tempered Glass Top

Discover the ultimate convenience with our Supermarket Island Chest Freezer End Cabinet featuring a sleek glass top and Low-E tempered glass for anti-fog, anti-frost, and anti-condensation properties. Perfect for showcasing frozen goods in a supermarket setting, this chest freezer offers both style and functionality.



The Low-E Tempered Glass is for low temperatures to meet the requirements of anti-fog, anti-frost, and anti-condensation. With Low-E glass installed, you can eliminate moisture buildup on the glass surface, ensuring your products remain visible and attractive. It’s also perfect for Coolers, refrigerators, Showcases, and other Commercial Refrigeration projects.


From the Sheet Glass entering our factory, we have strict QC and inspection in every processing, including Glass Cutting, Glass Polishing, Silk Printing, Tempering, Insulating, Assembly, etc. We have all the necessary inspection records to track each piece of our deliveries.


Until now, the delivery of these kinds of Chest Freezer End Cabinet Glass Top has received more positive feedback from our customers. You can always count on us on these Glass Lids.


Key Features


Low-E Tempered Glass

Low-E Double Glazed Tempered Glass

Automatic Frost Drainage Tank

Multiple Anti-collision Strip Options

Curved Version

Add-on Handle




Net Capacity (L)

Net Dimension W*D*H (mm)






Elevate your supermarket display with our innovative Supermarket Island Chest Freezer End Cabinet. Designed with a durable glass top, this freezer combines modern aesthetics with high performance. The Low-E tempered glass ensures optimal visibility while maintaining low temperatures to prevent fogging and condensation, keeping your products looking pristine at all times. With ample storage space and a user-friendly design, this chest freezer is a must-have for any retail space seeking to enhance its frozen goods section.Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our Supermarket Island Chest Freezer End Cabinet is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a commercial environment. The sleek glass top not only adds a touch of sophistication to your display but also serves a practical purpose by providing a clear view of the products inside. Whether you're showcasing frozen desserts, meats, or beverages, this chest freezer offers versatile storage options to meet your specific needs. Upgrade your supermarket's refrigeration system with our Chest Freezer Glass Door and create a visually appealing display that entices customers and boosts sales.

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