Sleek Pink Freestanding Beverage Refrigerator Glass Door

Enhance your space with a stylish and functional Cooler Glass Door that keeps your beverages chilled. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this PVC Frame Glass Door is a must-have for any beverage enthusiast.



The Low-E Glass and Heated Glass are designed for low temperatures to meet the requirements of anti-fog, anti-frost, and anti-condensation. PVC Spacer or Warm Edge Spacer is also an extra point to achieve better energy saving. With Low-E or heated glass installed, you can eliminate moisture buildup on the glass surface, ensuring your products remain visible and attractive.


For PVC Cooler/Refrigerator Glass Doors, We always suggest a Glass combination of 4mm Low-E Tempered with 4mm Tempered to balance the Glass Door’s performance and cost. It’s also perfect for Coolers, refrigerators, Showcases, and other Commercial Refrigeration projects. To pursue an extreme performance, a 3-pane with 4mm Low-E tempered and 4mm Heated Glass filled with Argon is always the best solution.


To ensure our quality and low defective, from the Sheet Glass entering our factory, we have strict QC and inspection in every processing, including Glass Cutting, Glass Polishing, Silk Printing, Tempering, Insulating, Assembly, etc. We have all the necessary inspection records to track each piece of our deliveries. With our technical team involved in clients’ projects with essential assistance, the Glass Door can be installed easily with all the accessories delivered with the shipment, including hinges, self-closing, bush, etc.


Key Features


Double Glazing for Normal Temp; Triple Glazing for Low Temp

Durable PVC frame with any colors

Magnetic Gasket for Tight Seal

Self-closing function

Add-on or Recessed Handle




Beverage Refrigerator Glass Door


Tempered, Float, Low-E, Heated Glass


Double Glazing; Triple Glazing

Insert Gas

Argon Filled

Glass Thickness

4mm, 3.2mm, Customized




Mill finish aluminum, PVC, Warm Edge


Recessed, Add-on, Customized


Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Customized


Bush, Self-closing & Hinge, Magnetic Gasket,


Beverage Cooler, Freezer, Showcase, etc


EPE foam + Seaworthy wooden case (Plywood Carton)


OEM, ODM, etc.


1 Year

The Pink Freestanding Beverage Refrigerator Glass Door combines form and function with its Low-E Glass and Heated Glass design. This full size beverage refrigerator glass door is equipped to prevent fog, frost, and condensation, ensuring your drinks stay at the perfect temperature. Whether you're displaying beverages in a beverage cooler display glass door or showcasing them in a beverage showcase display glass door, this undercounter beverage cooler glass door is a versatile and reliable choice. Upgrade your beverage storage with the Pink Freestanding Beverage Refrigerator Glass Door today.

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